…so…you want to kill yourself, hm? 

Maybe what I tell you may not be what you want to hear, maybe it’s what you’ve heard before, but speaking from a man who has gone through the entire event itself, and is still around to tell the tale, I can tell you one thing:

It never is, nor will it ever be, worth it.

…you may have been in my place, perhaps worse.

You might think that life seems hopeless, you may think that nobody cares for you, or that no one will miss you, or even that you are benefiting the world by taking your life.

But you’re wrong.


You are going to hurt so many people, you are going to put holes in their hearts, wounds that cannot heal over time, or will do so slowly….painfully…

You are someone’s reason to smile, you have once been the reason for someone’s happiness and when you’re gone they will never forget that.

It is selfish to say that, I know…but it’s the truth. And I have experienced this, and let me tell you, it’s….the most painful thing I’ve ever been through. And it’s a pain I can never relieve, as I “live” it every single day of my life…I can never take back the pain I’ve given to my friends, my peers, my family

…they will all mourn for you.


Because they love you.

They do.

You are always loved by someone, even in the smallest bit. Somebody cares.



If you are ever thinking about hurting youself, or taking you own life…


Just…think. Think hard. Talk to someone, take deep breaths.

You are bloody worth living and no one should ever deserve to be in such a low state of mind that they contemplate such…terrible things!


((Okay, I finally got this out. I just want you all to know that I love each and every last one of you and I am always here to talk if you ever need it. This is a serious matter, of course. And I hope I tackled this subject well, it’s difficult, but please know that if all else fails, I am here for you. :c Never ever forget that. So think of this as a big message from me.


- Love, Jackie. <3 ))