"I Finally Found You…" [Comic]




On the most random day, I had been wandering the halls, not a thought in my head worth mentioning. It was a weekend, the school was silent…so it was strange…to hear a sound.



When I turned to look for the unfamiliar sound…


I couldn’t beleive my eyes.

It was my cat. My cat. He had found me, after so long…

I thought for the slightest moment I was merely imagining things, or peraps it was a wandering stray. But there was no about it.

I just couldn’t believe it.

I thought I would never, ever see him again, I thought he would have hated me for leaving him all alone so soon, so suddenly…

He recognized me right away and he ran…

…ran as fast as he could right into my arms.


He ran and he ran with such an excited expression, as if he had been searching for me since I had left, as if he was happily shouting "I found you! I finally found you!"


"You found me. I’m so sorry. I should have never left you alone like that, who was caring for you? Where did you go? Did you find a new family  How did you find me…Who…—"

…and then I felt it…

Running my hands over his back I felt bones. I felt the ridges in his ribs, I felt his hips against my chest and his spine in my palm. 

"…you’re so skinny now…did you really find a new home? Did they love you like I did? Did they even feed you…did you…even…find…someone else…?"

I pulled him away, holding his fragile frame in my hands…to look into his happy eyes.

If my heart still beat I swear that then it would have stopped.


My cat…

My beloved pet was left all alone, since the day I died. He died.

Because of me.

Because…of me

and he still came to find me…


I’m a monster.


"I’m…I-I’m so sorry, I’m so…so…so…s-sorry…"