((Update on Admin’s Life))

((I still continue to be the worst admin in the ask blog commuity ever.

I think I said like…with summer break I’d be drawing more and updating more but that didn’t end up being the case. Mostly because I used my summer to work commissions and jobs, and spend time with my friends. So I never really had time to update or do drawing for myself. But it was a choice, and I had a fantastic summer.

Now I’m back in college and as odd as it might sound…I’ll have more time to update. With breaks between classes and less commissions to worry over, I’ll have time to myself to do things I like! Right now though I gotta get a new tablet cord but—once again thanks for staying with me even though I pop around sporadically and don’t update so often. I swear I make posts like these all the time I’m sorry ;u; Love you all. ))


Last weekend I went to Matsuricon! It was a fun fun time, and the con, while “small” had a great line-up of VA’s attending. One of them being Scott Freeman, the voice actor for England in the Hetalia dub. I decided to go to his autograph signing Sunday morning. I doodled up a quick England bust for him to sign, thinking it would only be just that; I walk up, he signs it, I leave.

But that did not happen.

I walked up to him after waiting in line and smiled and was like “Hi! Can you maybe sign this drawing I did of England?” and he took the drawing and was like “…you drew this? Like…did you base it off somebody??” and I just shook my head and said “Nope! I just doodled it this morning in my hotel room.” And he looked at it AMAZED and then looked up at me and said

"…do you wanna hang out?" And I literally went into shock and was like "r-…really?" and he was like "Yeah!! Let’s hang out! Right now! After my signing! I want to see how you draw. :D" and I was like "okay!! i’ll draw whatever you’d like!" So he signed my drawing and I left the room as calmly as I could. Once I was out the door, I RAN back to my friends and yelled about how Scott Freeman wants to hang out with me. We went back to the room and patiently waited

Once he was done with his signing he came over and was like “Alright, let’s go find somewhere to sit!” and a girl came u pto him and said “No, you have a panel to go to” and he was like “…I DO?!” and he apologized to me and I insisted it was okay, so we took a photo together and he left.

Even though I didn’t get to hang out with him….HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT?



I thought it would be just like…falling asleep, but never waking up. Peaceful, calm, nothing would hurt anymore. I thought that it would all end, and then there would be nothing.


What? Are you going to call me selfish if I say I didn’t think about the people I was leaving behind?


Because I didn’t


((I’ve had this blog for like a LONG TIME but I’m still shocked and overwhelmed with emotion every time i get an ask of someone thanking me and/or Arthur for helping them with suicidal tendencies/depression/suicide. Like. That blows my mind that I, with a simple little blog, could have an effect on people in such a way. I certainly didn’t expect it. 

But if I ever don’t reply to your message you should know that I do read them, and when I’m less sleepy I’ll compile them all and reply individually.

But seriously I love you guys you’re all really important to me I swear!


Anonymous whispered: Please, please keep updating. I've never told anyone before, but your blog is the only reason why I've been keeping myself from committing suicide. It kinda helps me know why I shouldn't do it. Keep doing what you're doing cuz you're hella wonderful.

(( Don’t worry anon I’m not going anywhere for a long time. I know a lot of people love this blog and hell I love it too because it sorta pushed me into the fandom more and I met so many great people from it! That, and messages like these are what I love so much! I get so many of them…I’ve been meaning to compile them to answer them all. 

But I love helping people and I will keep updating for a long time!! I am bursting with storylines and ideas and plots and characters!! Stay strong anon <3 ))

He doesn’t understand how they keep getting away.

Quite often.

And I only ever play when the students and teachers are gone, and for a while I was convinced I was alone, but that all changed one night, a few months back.

This old man, he works the night shift as a janitor in the school…I caught him lingering outside the music room, as though he was waiting for me.


Every night he will stop and peer in, cup his ear, and listens to see if I’m there.


He talks to me, and talks quite a lot. He told me at first he was very scared when he heard piano music playing…with no one in sight. But over time he realized that I mean n harm, he said he…loves how I play. I don’t mind when he sits and listens, he smiles when I play my music.

It warms me to know I can bring him that happiness…and there have been times


"What’s wrong, little ghost?"


"Aren’t you gonna play for me tonight?"


That he does the same…

I had never planned to live that long. I never thought about it, not even once.


ask-detective-kirkland replied to your post: Having ghost powers pays off quite wel…

[ Ghosty need makes out too ]


I heard that.